Draggable Components to reorder in List, Grid, Board

Requesting a UX component that allows the user to drag elements within a list, grid or panel inorder to reorder them as shown in the demo video for an android DragListView library https://youtu.be/tNgevYpyA9E.

Also have an option for javascript to control ordering so the orders of some elemnents can be fixed.

This would be amazing if implemented natively all depends on if IOS offer something like this internally (same reason we don’t have a dropdown natively in fuse). But I would love this and help with the design of the javascript api. It’ll take a while though for this to be implemented hopefully someone in the community creates this, so we can import it.


I’ve made an internal ticket but i dont see this getting priority any time soon. This shouldn’t be too hard to implement in Uno as a Behavior though.

Note: We are missing quite a bit of documentation on the inner workings of Fuse and how to extend it, but we are constantly working on improving that.

Hey Kristian,

I’ll take a look into an implementation with UNO. I haven’t really experimented with UNO but the way you described it seeems very powerful to extend the UX and Javascript logic.

As you pointed out, the documentation for UNO is incomplete, but it would be very useful to introduce a couple sample projects implementing UNO. The only sample I’ve found is the stopwatch example, it would be awesome to see some more UNO examples.

I’m hoping we’ll be able to add some more code examples, but we are currently focused on getting more docs completeness with UX.

You could take a look at a few of the community packages out there though, some of them use Uno quite heavily.


or here: https://github.com/vinkla/awesome-fuse

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Looking forward to having some control of drag and drop.

Any development an UNO implementation by Fuse or end users?