Clipboard Class

Hi, i was looking on the forums and i was unable to find find any information regarding how to use the clipboard. So, i’m writting a clipboard class to interact with Native clipboard implementation. I’m currently working on the Android version (triying to figure out how some things work).

But i have to ask before i go any further: is anyone working on a similar project? I just ask to know if my effort is duplicated or not :slight_smile:

As soon i get the class working, i will post the code on Github as my contribution to the community :smiley:



Hi, i have a first version working! You can get the code here:

Currently it only works on Android and only copy text to Clipboard. I will be adding iOS implementation eventually. Feel free to fork or contribute




Hi John, I’ve added support for iOS now, and made a pull request. Let me know in the PR if you have any comments! :slight_smile:

I am very interested in this feature.

Are we targeting this PR for any release?
Also, can I get the current clipboard state using this feature? From OPs link, it seems only setting clipboard state is supported.

This only supports copying to the clipboard, not from it.

As for you question about PR and release, I don’t understand what you mean. My PR to that repo was merged in November, so you can use master just fine now.

*Edit: I’m not sure if you noticed, but this is a community package made by John, and not part of the official Fuse release. *

Hi Rishav

I wrote this class to solve a particular need that i had with a project. The code is in GitHub, so feel free to fork or contribute some code if you success on implement the clipboard state property. Anders do the same when he add iOS support :slight_smile:

If i can find some time free in the future, i will continue working on it.



That’s unfortunate. I wanted to write a simple clipboard manager.
Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on your repo in case you ever add in some more features to it.

Thanks for sharing the code.

@Anders, yep. My bad. I assumed that this was added to the main Fuse codebase.

Thanks a lot