Click handler called twice


when we have in a project a “parent” JavaScript file and a “son” JavaScript file, it seems like under somes conditions, an handler can be called twice.

Here is an example project showing this problem (just click on the rectangle and look at the console logs).


EDIT : the link (uploader doesn’t seem to work) :

Thanks for looking at it if you can do so :slight_smile:


Thanks for your error report.

I am not able to reproduce this problem internally, so either 1) your test case is incomplete, and you are doing something else wrong locally, or 2) this has been fixed recently and the next release of Fuse should fix it on your end too :slight_smile:

Let us know if the problem persists.


I’m 99.9% sure my zipped project reproduces the problem (both logging ‘clicked’ and ‘clicked parent’ when clicking on a blue square), so I hope this is option number 2 :smiley:

Let’s wait the next release and see :slight_smile:

It’s logging both clicked and clicked parent for me, on 0.9.2. The clickhandlers on children does not consume the click. This has been discussed before, but I don’t remember the result.