Cannot start new project

Hi fuse team after upgrade to 0.9.3 I cannot create any new project. Fuse dashboard remains with “create” button grayed. What appears strange to me is the first control on the top of the create popup, which has got no item to choose and no possibility to type in. If I try by command line, it just claims that another existing project (??) has no manifext.xml file.

Any idea? Max

Hi, can you please take a screenshot of the create project dialog?

Can you please also paste the full output from when you try to create a project on the commandline?



A few things:

  • I wouldn’t recommend creating projects inside Program Files, can you please try to create it in your home directory where you’re sure to have write access?
  • You have to supply a template name to fuse create, for instance fuse create example googlepush or fuse create app googlepush.

That being said, the error message you’re getting is strange, I cannot reproduce it here. Please try my suggestions above, then we can investigate further.

Thank you, from command line it’s now ok, I forgot the mandatory template. The problem remains from the dashboard but never minds for now. Max

Ok, good to hear you got it working. Please let us know if you want help getting it to work from the dashboard.