Cannot set Height to Auto

Fuse 0.25.1

   <Panel ux:Name="thing" Height="Auto" />

Auto doesn’t work.
<Change thing.Height="Auto" /> doesn’t work either


Width and Height are of type Size. They cannot be set to Auto, however they default to Auto when not set

From Size docs

If not specifying a value, many properties will default to Size.Auto, where the size will be computed automatically based on context.

Thanks for the answer, is there a way to manually set it to Auto after changing the height to a set value?


If you need to change anything to different values interchangeably. Use Change in a Trigger instead of Set:

<Panel ux:Name="panel" />
<Switch ux:Name="switch" />
<WhileTrue Value="{Property switch.Value}">
  <Change Target="panel.Height" Value="50" />

When the switch is false it’ll be auto again.