Documentation improvement (ux:AutoBind)

I’d like to point out the ux:AutoBind is not documented anywhere and it is used in some samples, especially the ones with navigation. I have no idea what it does, except turning my pages to white =/

Can you document this keyword?


Thanks for pointing this out. We will get it covered in the documentation asap!

ux:AutoBind controls whether an object should automatically be “connected” to the parent node. By default ux:AutoBind="true", so you only need to use this if you want to do something special.

For example:

<Panel ux:Name="panel1" >
    <Panel ux:AutoBind="false" ux:Name="panel2" />

In this case, panel2 will not become a child of panel1. Instead, it will remain detached from the object tree. This is only meaningful if you intend to add it later, for example by navigating to it in a HeirarchicalNavigation.