Can fuse control lock screen?

Hi, i’m planning to make a music player app with fuse,

I want to show the lyrics of the music in lock screen. Is there any document that i can refer?

And im planning to deploy the app in the play score and appstore, is there any license problem?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


You can access all native APIs of Android and iOS from Uno code, and soon from JS code. With those you can modify the lock screen.

There is no licencing problem with deploying Fuse apps to app stores :slight_smile:

Hi wwwee98, did you have any success here? We are looking for a simple lockscreen implementation that will persist audio playing when the app is in the background or the phone is locked. Can you give us any pointers?

The FuseCloud project features music playback lock screen controls.

Thanks Uldis, I’ll take another look at it. I tried running the project and downloading from App stores on both platforms - I get an ‘invalid client identifier’ error on login. I’ve applied to Soundcloud for a developer client ID, but this takes 30 days. I can get background audio on iOS by check-boxing it in XCode ‘capabilities’, I’m trying to acheive the same/similar functionality for Android but will start a separate thread as it’s a bit different from linking up controls in the lock-screen.