Button click offset after pulling notifications - 0.27.1


I noticed a strange behavior on v0.27.1, I don’t know since which version it’s been happening. So I made a small test case to show the issue.

Please notice if you click on the test button named “Click me!” while the app is still on full screen mode, triggered by the Android.StatusBarConfig, everything is ok. But after pulling the notifications dropdown on Android, the app exits full screen and then you need to click slightly above the button to activate it. Besides this issue, is actually possible to toggle the IsVisible property again if the user taps back on the app, making it return to full screen?

Has anyone even confirmed that this is actually a bug? If so, I think is pretty serious.

Sorry this has taken some time to respond to. We are investigating this and will come back to you.

Hi Igor,

I have been able to reproduce the issue and annoyingly there isn’t a quickfix for this one. It is very important to us but it’s going to take a while to resolve.

We will keep you posted here as we make progress.

Thanks for reporting this.

Thanks Guys,

any news on the subject?


I’m afraid not. As I alluded to before this issue can’t be resolved quickly as it is stepping from a issue in some of the low level bootstrapping of the android UI.

I have been doing a bunch of work to make it possible to start attack this though. I am waiting on an unrelated fix before I can merge in my branch and then the UI folks can finally get their hands on the code they need to fix.

Thanks again for bearing with us on this

This issue has been solved on fuse 1.0 (haven’t tested for a while)

Optional full screen is possible again :wink: