Android Preview and Build not at top of screen

Since upgrading to version 0.25.0 (both official and beta build 7461) — my android build and preview have trouble with the position on the screen. The top of the App is below (not visible) status, and extends below bottom bar.

Screenshot on Moto G 3rd gen is here:

I have tried showing/hiding the statusbar, uno clean, complete reïnstall, building with and without Gradle, changing Java.JDK.Directory. Works fine in 0.24

iOs preview and build on 0.25 is fine.

Investigating this, I found this error when building/previewing with the -v switch:

/Users/myusername/Documents/FuseProjects/omd/build/Android/Preview/omd/app/src/google-play-services_lib/res/values-v21/appinvite_styles.xml:5: error: Error retrieving parent for item: No resource found that matches the given name '@android:style/Theme.Material.Light.DialogWhenLarge.NoActionBar'

(Re-)installing Google Play Services etc. makes no difference.

Ok, after some more investigating, I think the reason for all this is that my Android.SDK.BuildToolsVersion and Android.SDK.CompileVersion were not the same API (When I finally checked this, I saw I had 24 and 23 in use).

Have set BuildToolsVersion back to 23.0.3 and the bar at the top is gone.

Hey man, I’m glad you got to the bottom of this and am sorry we didn’t get back to you sooner. It’s kind of embarrassing as we had seen your post and got so distracted trying to work out what it could be that I forgot to reply.

So mea culpa, but please let me know if you need this looked into further.

Hi Chris, no problem. I know how these things go. My previous status was too optimistic, sorry to say: the preview keeps showing the search bar, and the build does it about 50% of the builds.

Is there something I can debug?

Good question. I’ll ping the guy that will know more than me :slight_smile:

thx, I’m @jeroensmeets on Slack.

To update my report: building with fuse is still not ok.

Funny thing: I just built with option -DGRADLE and opened the project in Android Studio. App runs smoothly on my test phone now.

Hi again, I’m sorry you havent heard from us in a while. There has been a bunch of work on the UX engine recently so I have bumped the issue. Is this issue still present and do how have a project where it works and one where it doesnt?

Hi Chris, coming back to this thread as I have a public project where you can see the effect:

the app is in public beta on Android, at

All code is at

Update: the problem seems to go away if I remove

"Mobile": {
	"ShowStatusbar": false

from the `.unoproj’. Can this line wreak havoc in combination with something else?

There does seem to be an issue with our fullscreen handling once someone has opened the notification menu (at least on some devices).

This caused by some old bootstrapping code that we are currently extracting so we can work on this problem.

For now I’d say it’s probably best to keep not hide the statusbar until we solve this

Thanks for the follow up

Hi Chris,

thanks for getting back to me. I have enabled the statusbar on the apps that have the problem and this all seems ok for now.