Build Failed: configuration error parameter name: length cannot be negative

Unexpected fatal error! Please report this to us. Fuse 0.22.0 (build 6996) Build started: FullCompile Configuring /Users/davidswift/Desktop/repeat_project/repeat_project.unoproj: E0000: Configuration failed: Internal errors were encountered converting UX files to code: Cannot be negative. Parameter name: length /Users/davidswift/Desktop/repeat_project/repeat_project.unoproj(1,1): Error E0000: Configuration failed: Internal errors were encountered converting UX files to code: Cannot be negative. Parameter name: length

Build completed in 2.10 seconds 1 error Build ended fuse: Failed to compile project

I use a MacBook Pro OS X El Capitan and current version of Fuse is 0.22.0 (build 6996). I have a simple app at the moment that consist of a login screen, when ever I attempt to preview the above error happens. I only use the default tools provided using sublime installed from the option from the fuse tool with no additional plugins.

It only seems to happen in the app I am currently developing, I tried it with a new project and it works along with trying the signup example from the examples page which also works.

narrowed down the source of the error to exist in this file. I appoligise for formatting. I had attempted to try use ClojureScript as my means of writing the JavaScript but to no avail as such commented it out. Other than that I cannot figure it out.

LoginPage.ux "

<Router ux:Dependency="router" />
<JavaScript File="login.js"/>
<!-- <JavaScript File="repeat-proj/target/goog/base.js"/> -->
<!-- <JavaScript File="repeat-proj/out/main.js">-->

<!-- <JavaScript>repeat_proj.main.to_console();</JavaScript>-->
        <Grid Rows="1*,1*" Dock="Top" Offset="0, 100">
            <Panel Alignment="VerticalCenter">
                <Text Alignment="HorizontalCenter" FontSize="50" Color="Purple">Chatty</Text>
            <Panel Alignment="VerticalCenter" Margin="0, 10, 0, 0">
                <Text Alignment="HorizontalCenter" Opacity="0.8" Color="Purple">A(new)nother way to chat with friends</Text>

        <StackPanel Dock="Bottom" Offset="0, -50%" Height="250" ContentAlignment="BottomCenter">
            <StackPanel ux:Name="loginForm" Margin="10" MaxWidth="300" Visibility="Visible" Padding="10" Offset="0, 30">
                <Rectangle Layer="Background" Fill="#fff9" CornerRadius="10">
                    <DropShadow Size="3" Distance="2" />
                <Circle Width="150" Height="150" Fill="#fff" Margin="20">
                    <Text Alignment="Center" FontSize="100" Color="Purple">+</Text>
                <Text ux:Name="InputHeader" Visibility="Collapsed" Margin="0, 5, 0, 5" Color="Purple"> Mobile Number</Text>
                <TextInput PlaceholderText="Mobile Number" PlaceholderColor="#888" InputHint="Phone" Alignment="VerticalCenter" MaxLength="20" Value="{phone}">
                    <Rectangle Color="#000" Height="1" Dock="Bottom" Margin="0, 5, 0, 20" />

            <LoginButton Text="Welcome" Width="120" Height="50" ZOffset="1" Clicked=""/>


    <Image File="assets/stock-photo.jpg" StretchMode="UniformToFill" Opacity="0.9">
        <Blur Radius="4.4" />


After some more testing I was able to narrow it down to this line.

<!-- <JavaScript>repeat_proj.main.to_console();</JavaScript>-->

possibly its attempting to call a commented out function?

Code inside <JavaScirpt>...</JavaScript> will be its own module. So my guess is that repeat_proj... is not visible inside that module.

Please have a look at JavaScript modules.