Bug with <Image>

Hi All,

While loading large dataset and having infinite loading uncaught exception appears on xcode:

and here is the code

<ScrollView Dock="Fill" SnapMinTransform="false">
                            <WhileScrollable ScrollDirections="Down" Invert="true">
                              <Callback Handler="{getNext}" />
                            <CogWheelReloadPeople Dock="Top"  />
                                <StackPanel Dock="Fill">
                                <Each Items="{people.data}">
                                    <Panel Padding="5" Background="#eee">
                                            <Text Value="{key}" Font="gob" FontSize="13"    TextColor="#666"/>

                                    <Each Items="{items}">
                                        <Panel  >
                                            <DockPanel  Clicked="{showPerson}" Margin="0,0,0,0">
                                                <Rectangle Height="80" Background="#eee" CornerRadius="5" Width="80" Dock="Left" Margin="7,7,0,7" Alignment="CenterLeft">
                                                    <fa_user ZOffset="1" FontSize="50"  TextColor="#e1e1e1" Alignment="VerticalCenter"  TextAlignment="Center" Margin="0,8,0,0" />
                                                    <Image  ZOffset="999"     StretchMode="UniformToFill" Url="{photo}" />


                                                <StackPanel Alignment="VerticalCenter" Margin="7,3,7,7">
                                                    <Text Font="gob" TextColor="#35426f" Value="{fullName}" FontSize="14" />
                                                    <WhileTrue Value="{hasOrg}">
                                                        <Text TextColor="#6f72a5" Margin="0,5,0,0" Value="{organization}" FontSize="12"  />
                                                    <WhileTrue Value="{hasType}">
                                                        <Text  Margin="0,5,0,0" Value="{type}" FontSize="12" TextColor="#6f72a5" />


                                        <Rectangle Fill="#eaeaea" Width="100%" Height="1" Margin="0,5,0,5" Alignment="TopCenter"  />


This error seems related to the particular picture you are loading. Can you provide the image file please?

The code you pasted is not enough for us to reproduce the crash…

Hi Anders,

I cannot predict which image exactly as I’m loading large amount of data, also I noted its only appear with iphone 6+6s, while other devices works fine with all images.



When you get the stack trace as you show in your screnshot above, try going up a few stack frames, and the URL/File name of the image in question should be one of the variables.

here are some links that broke the app:




Also I don’t think its related to image path as it shows randomly with other images.

Some of images didn’t make crash at first time, but it randomly appear gradually with tests.

Hi, any updates regarding to this bug?