avoid android bottom control bar in some mobiles like sony and lg

I am developing mobile application, but while i am developing i forced problem with bottom control bar which shown in some mobiles like sony and LG .
The problem is the application tabs are shown like a background of the ccontrol bar and the bottom control bar like a overlay .
this image showing the problem :

how can i avoid the bottom control panel without using margin or padding ??

Generally, there are two ways to do this. First, the lazy one is using ClientPanel, which puts your whole layout between the status and bottom bars. It comes with a number of limitations which you’ll quickly discover as your app becomes more complex.

Second option is to use a DockPanel, and dock a StatusBarBackground to the top of it, and BottomBarBackground to the bottom.

Note that BottomBarBackground by default also includes the on-screen keyboard (when visible), so make sure to read and understand how these work.

thank a lot i will try it and replying here :slight_smile:

its work and the problem was solved thank u :slight_smile: