Automated UI testing

I haven’t found any serious thread or documentation that talk about automated UI test tools or strategies and I haven’t got a chance to experiment it. So, I hope anyone can answer or give a hint on my questions below

  • I have interest on trying appium, is anyone here have experience on it? will appium work with fusetools out of the box?
  • It seems that appium use element detection either on hybrid apps (html element) or native app (UI component), and as far as I know fusetools using different mechanism than both of it, so what will appium sees when inspecting fuse element?
  • There are testing technique that use image recognition in case where the UI component is not standard, such in game, will fuse work with this trick?
  • Is there any plan from fuse team to support any popular testing platform? or to release its own testing platform? any release date plan?

There is a fuse-testfairy integration laying around from some time ago, maybe that helps.

If appium, as you say, relies on HTML elements or native components, it might have trouble reading Fuse UI since it is by default generated using Open GL. However, you could always put your whole app inside of a NativeViewHost and you’d be all-native. Perhaps then it might work just fine!

We do not have any current plans for making integrations with any particular services. You are of course open to make them yourself using Foreign code.

As for testing in general, you can take a look at how we’re testing fuselibs-public using Travis CI. As an example, here’s ScrollView tests.

Hope this helps!