Arabic Text Wrapping problem

Dear Sirs,
We have a problem with Arabic Multi-line Text in Fuse It got wrapped in wrong way.

Can you figure it out using the following screenshot ?


The أ character is related to صدقائك so it have to be the first character in the second line.

Have you got it ?

Important Note: I’m using HARF_BUZZ at this moment and it let the أ to be shown if i didn’t use the HARF_BUZZ it will not be visible.


Hi, your description and the screenshot both go a long way, but could you please also provide a complete reproduction that we could copy-paste and run?

Check out this project, you should preview the app in iPhone 6/7 Virtual Device


Any updates?

its very important for our culture to see the text as it should be


no, not yet. Could you confirm if this is an issue only in local preview on Mac/PC, or are mobile targets (iOS/Android) affected too?

The issue occurred at all platforms

Thanks, I’ve logged a ticket about this.

I reached out to Behdad Esfahbod (Googler), author of harfbuzz to discuss.

If he has any wisdom here, I’ll share!


Hey Ahmed,

Thanks for the report.

Can you use the default text renderer on device as a workaround while we look into this?

DB, this problem is likely in the text wrapping which is done using our own code and the ICU library, and not the Harfbuzz library, so there’s probably no point in reaching out to him.


Thanks Olle for your investigation for the problem,

You mean that i need to wrap the Text elements within NativeViewHost ?

Or how can i use the Default device text renderer ?

I mean building without -DUSE_HARFBUZZ.

The problem still exists Then !
I have to try again now