Arabic text in the Preview

Dear Sirs,

We have a problem in typing Arabic letters while previewing the App using Fuse Preview .

The problem is when i start typing with any letter it immediately shift the caret position to be before it not after it.

For example:
When i try to type my name in Arabic أحمد دياب it written like حمد ديابأ the أ is at the last because the caret position moved when i write it.

Please see the attached video :wink:


Could you please provide a complete reproduction to show the code you’re testing with? Is the behaviour like that only on local (mac/PC) preview or is it the same on Android/iOS devices too? Is it only preview, or release build versions too?

This problem is on Windows/Mac preview only you just need a text input and start typing in arabic using your device keyboard (Win or Mac)