Application Design Pattern

Just wondering if there is a design pattern (mvc, mvvm) that works best with Fuse for a medium to large scale app. The example apps are great to show what can be done with Fuse but things like network connectivity issues are not being addressed in the examples which would be required in a production ready app. I am making the assumption that like many of the popular javascript frameworks like Angular, Backbone, etc that we would want to structure the app into Model, Repo, and Service layers. A simple example following a recommended pattern for us build upon would be awesome. Hopefully the matchmaking app will demonstrate some of the best practices for using Fuse.

BTW: You guys are doing a great job and love how the platform is evolving!


Fuse is built around a very simple structure, which is not directly MVC or MVVM, but based on reactive observable objects.

The module.exports from your main JavaScript modules represent the view model for the app, while the UX files represent the view. You use Observable to represent dynamic values that can change over time.

The matchmaking app is built in this exact manner. The complete app is just a few hundred lines of JavaScript. This includes registration, matchmaking, taking & uploading photos and live chat.

This is exciting. Looking forward to the matching making app being released!

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Do you have a date for the MatchMaking App release?

I’m really interested to see a complete app.


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Is there any update on this?

The hikr app that you build as part of the official tutorial is, arguably, a complete app.

We also had a FuseCloud initiative, but that ran into a couple issues unrelated to Fuse. It’s still a decent example of code structuring best practices.