Application crash with ASUS_T00J-D


Application crashes after the login screen. I received the following error in the preview mode. Same application it working well in other models without problem.

How can I fix it?

Model Number: ASUS_T00J-D
Android Version: 5.0

Please click for about phone info.

E/libEGL  (10274): eglMakeCurrent:777 error 3009 (EGL_BAD_MATCH)
W/Xxx      (10274): GLHelper::MakeCurrent: Unable to make EGL context current:12297
F/libc    (10274): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1, fault addr 0xdeadcab1 in tid 10742 (sinFuse.Preview)
I/DEBUG   (  234): pid: 10274, tid: 10742, name: sinFuse.Preview  >>> pivot.XxxFuse.Preview <<<
E/lowmemorykiller(  184): Error writing /proc/10274/oom_score_adj; errno=22
I/Zygote  (  243): Process 10274 exited due to signal (11)
I/ActivityManager(  519): Process pivot.XxxFuse.Preview (pid 10274) has died
Process pivot.xxxFuse.Preview terminated.


Thank you for the bug report, and an internal issue have been raised.

Also, could you please run uno build -t=Android -sRuntime.VerboseInternalLogs=true --run [YourProject] and provide the logs?

Dear Emil,

I uploaded

Thank you.

Perfect, thank you :slight_smile:

One more question, are you loading images after the login screen?

Yes. It seems a short time dashboards and applications is malfunctioning.

Okey, since I think it is related to some texture uploading (to the GPU) that we do. Hard to tell more at the moment, since we aren’t able to reproduce it on the devices at house. But it will be investigated.

Okey, I’m waiting for the outcome of the investigation forward. :))

Hi! i have an X10 DragonTouch Tab 10" (android 5.1.1) and have the exact same problem with same log output, please let me know if you had worked on that plz! thanks in advance fuse its awesome!!

Hi Alejandro, I have bumped up the priority on the issue, however we have limited staff during christmas, so it may take a while before anyone looks at it.