Application crash on Android with x86 / x86_64 processor (intel)


whether Fuse support on Android with Intel Hardware ? (ABI x86 / x86_64)

My app just crash without any logging on Android with Intel proc (Preview and Build), but on every phone with ARM cpu it works fine.

is there any chance to make Fuse compiling with ABI x86, patching Makefile maybe ?

Edit: i found the log when app crashed, maybe it can help :

E/libEGL  (16590): eglMakeCurrent:775 error 3009 (EGL_BAD_MATCH)
W/Zakat   (16590): GLHelper::MakeCurrent: Unable to make EGL context current:12297
F/libc    (16590): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadcab1 (code=1), thread 16715 (e.ayobayarzakat)
I/DEBUG   (  182): pid: 16590, tid: 16715, name: e.ayobayarzakat  >>> com.cinte.ayobayarzakat <<<
I/ActivityManager(  533): Process com.cinte.ayobayarzakat (pid 16590) has died.
D/Zygote  (  185): Process 16590 terminated by signal (11)

Btw I’m on Fuse 0.12.4

Hey there Ichan mb,

Sorry but we don’t currently support x86 android devices. This is not on our short->mid-term roadmap either.


What is the status of the x86 support? When I’m building my app for Android and want to install it on a oneplus 5T with Oreo I’m getting an error: Device supports x86, but APK only supports armeabi-v7a.

Do I have to make adjudgements to the building process or .unoproj file?

@toine: nothing has changed regarding x86 support unfortunately.

Uno Ver 1.12 has supported for releasing Android App in x86, so you can now test your app in the Android Simulator