App Has Stopped

Hi… First of all thanks for you early help. I manage to move on building my app.

I have a new issue.
Today I try to make an apk running the “fuse build -target=Android -run” on my cmd. Everything build correctly I presume. Then after installing the app on the device I got the “App has stopped” message.

Searched around here and found this code snipped for the cmd “uno build --target=Android --run -DCPPSTACKTRACE”

This actually worked. The app got installed correctly and I manage to open the app and test it on the device. I never saw the error so I did not saved the stacktrace on the log window.

My app is running fine but I was wondering if this was a known bug that I should be worried in the near future.


Hi! This is definitely not expected behavior, nor any known bug that I’m aware of.
If it happens again we’re definitely interested in hearing about it!