Fuse (beta) release #0.5.3269

This release contained an error with Android bindings, and was replaced with #0.5.3278: https://www.fusetools.com/developers/forums/general/fuse_beta_release_053278

I update Fuse, I try to run my app in Android and CMake… I dont get any error in terminal with:

uno build --target=Android --run


uno build --target=CMake --run

But when I open the app in Android it immediately closes and in CMake displays a black screen.


A bug with Android export has been discovered, we will issue a fix in a few hours.

Is this still an issue with the latest release? If so, could you please try the following:

  • Build your app normally for cmake
  • lldb .Build/app_exe
  • break set -n __cxa_throw
  • run
  • See if an exception occurs
  • bt