Questions about Fuse

I’m completely newer here. I discovered Fuse today and i have some questions

  1. Can I create js folder e put there all of them? 2) Can I use angularjs? 3) And the CSS? Can I create an .css and use in my project?
  1. Yes, you can put your JavaScript in a subfolder.
  2. No. AngularJS is made for the browser. The browser uses the DOM. Fuse uses a minimal JS environemnt, and does not support DOM.
  3. No. Fuse uses native, and not HTML. There is no support for CSS. Fuse has Themes and styling of the themes.

So, how can i do the communication with my server? Example: I have a server with database, How can I do the communication? One more time, I really really noob on Fuse. Sorry about this questions.

*I’m asking because i’m brazilian and my english isn’t good, yet. So I can’t find yet this informations.

I found it!! Thanks for quick response to my first question

For communication with other HTTP resources, you use JavaScript and fetch. For other communication you do 3rd party library integration or Uno socket implementation.