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Android 9 - The app doesn't fit the window

Hello! I’m having a big issue :frowning: . The app appears doesn’t fit the window. Doesn’t respect the status bar and had a silly space in the botton. The same happens with companion :frowning: How I can solve this?

Can you share your code and tell me what version is your Uno and Fuselibs and what your android device that you use?

Hello ichan, good night!

The same happen with Fuse Preview and I didn’t compile Fuse Preview, just take from Google Play. The code I take from the examples.

Android version: 9, Wiko View3

Uno version 1.10.0-rc1 (build 187) macOS 10.11 x86_64 b79b2df
Copyright © 2018-present Fuse Open

Product information
Product.Commit b79b2df828e53264738441a4d3983af11e745d3f

Runtime environment
Environment.OSVersion Unix
Environment.Version 4.0.30319.42000

		<Panel ux:Name="statusPanel" Color="#f00" Height="80" Dock="Top" />
		<WhileTrue ux:Name="toggleStatusPanel">
			<Change statusPanel.Color="#0f0" />
		<Panel ux:InnerClass="MyInnerClass" Height="80" Color="Blue" Margin="5">
				<Toggle Target="toggleStatusPanel" />
			<MyInnerClass />
			<MyInnerClass />
			<MyInnerClass />
			<MyInnerClass />

Try to replace the DockPanel with ClientPanel

Hello Ichan! Worked perfect! Thanks!

It’s possible update the Fuse Preview too?