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LG G5 (and other Android 8 devices) crash if Orientations=Portrait

Hello! I thought this one was already fixed, but if Orientations is defined as “Portrait” in .unoproj, LG G5 and probably other Android 8 devices (Samsung Galaxy S8 for example) crash on startup. This issue is reported at least here:

This issue can be fixed by removing the orientation restriction or by adding WindowIsTranslucent=false to the .unoproj in the Android structure.

Its solved. You need to have the last uno and fuselibs version and specify the last SDK in your .unoproj

"SDK": {
      "BuildToolsVersion": "29.0.2",
      "CompileVersion": 29,
      "MinVersion": 17,
      "TargetVersion": 29
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Ok, thank you! Is 29.0.2 the current preferred version?