Analytics for Fuse Apps?

Is there an offical analytics api/library available for fuse, like piwik or google analytics?

I already found the community packages for google analytics and firebase, but seems like they are beta/buggy and not maintained anymore

Hi Daniel,

I’m fairly certain that the fuse-google-analytics library works, because I recently fixed it. Follow the links in the discussion to find the pull request that contains the fix.

There is also a community package for Flurry, but I’m not aware of its state.

As for Fuse.Firebase, I’m not sure if it has recently be tested, but I’m not aware of any new bug reports either. If you experience trouble, you should post a ticket on the particular repository you’re using. This one though is as official as it gets at this point.

Now, since all of the links above are open source, you’re very welcome to contribute. If you find a problem, please go ahead and report it, and why not take a stab at fixing it?

Hope this helps!