Alternative to Parse

Hello, as you might know is shutting down their services and I wanted to know if there are any other pages like Parse that I can use with Fuse. I’m new using Fuse and all I don’t know much about it.

I want to make an app that contains login and register that have a page where the users can share their gps localization and I was watching the video tutorials but when I was going to do the Parse part I went to the page an found out that they are no longer accepting new accounts =(.

I’m in the same situation and found

They have a javascript sdk which at a glance seems to have very similar functions.

Can someone make an example with this backend? :slight_smile:

Why don’t just use google’s one and apple’s one? to have connection between the two?

I’ve been using Firebase and works pretty well. You are going to use fetch() to communicate with it.


Quick example:


var Observable = require('FuseJS/Observable');

var status = 0;
var response_ok = false;

function postData(){

   var myvar = {
  "users": {
    "alanisawesome": {
      "date_of_birth": "June 23, 1912",
      "full_name": "Alan Turing"
    "gracehop": {
      "date_of_birth": "2December 9, 1906",
      "full_name": "Grace Hopper"

fetch('', {
   method: 'PUT',
   headers: { "Content-type": "application/json"},
   body: JSON.stringify(myvar)
}).then(function(response) {
   status = response.status;  // Get the HTTP status code
   response_ok = response.ok; // Is response.status in the 200-range?
   console.log("Response: " + JSON.stringify(response));
   return response.json();    // This returns a promise
}).then(function(responseObject) {
   // Do something with the result
   console.log('the API said: ' + JSON.stringify(responseObject));
}).catch(function(err) {
   // An error occured parsing Json
   console.log('Error : the API said: ' + JSON.stringify(responseObject));

module.exports = {

For obvious security reasons, you need to set your Firebase rules to:

.write: false .read: false

This makes it unreadable/unwritable without a token (Firebase Secret).

Generate a new Secret in your Firebase dashboard and replace it in

It took me some minutes to notice, that using PUT sends unique information (aka. Username, etc.) and POST permits you posting the same thing all the times you want. Ex. User A and User B send both at the same time the word “Hello”. Your Firebase will then make 2 entries. Each saying “Hello” but they will have unique identifiers.





Hello, i was wondering if you have a sample app where login aut is used in firebase im kind of new to fuse :slight_smile: