Adding Google Admob Advertising in App

How to use google admob in app using Javascript?

Currently, AdMob doesn’t provide a JS-only API, so you’d need to use their native API’s instead. It should be possible to build bindings for their native API’s in Uno and expose those to UX/JS. If you’re curious about how to do this, our Foreign Code guide is the place to start. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hi Jake, Is there any progress regarding use of Google AdMob. Please could you help me, how can I use Google AdMob in fuse app.

Hi Jake, for AdMob I have to add Google Package ( How can I do the same. Please provide some guide.

Hi Anupriyashakya, there’s no “progress” on this because we’re not working on it. :slight_smile: As Jake said above, it should be possible, perhaps even not that hard, to create this functionality yourself using the AdMob SDK and Fuse’s Foreign Code feature.

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How to use google admob in app using Javascript?

> Did you manage to find a solution about the implementation of AdMob?

@Sai take a look at this forum thread and this gist.

Hope that helps!