Ad Network SDK for Fuse?

Hi, are there any Ad Networks with SDK ready to implement in Fuse? Yes? Which ones?

Thanks in advance!

Check this thread

Basicly, there is nothig. If you want to implement ex. Admob, you have to do it your self.
I think this is very very bad move.
Fuse team should give to people easy way to implement admob in our fuse apps.

One of the great things about Fuse is that there is almost no limit to what native or external (native or JS) feature that can be implemented. We’ve taken great care to make Fuse incredibly extensible through the use of Foreign Code and JS modules. The reason for this is two-fold: 1) Fuse can be extended with what you need, and not what we decide to work on, and 2) the core Fuse libraries and packages remain neat and lean, making sure that bloat is avoided wherever we can.

So while you might need Admob, many others don’t, which is why these things are better provided through your own packages or packages created by the community (packages such as Admob for Android, which I’m sure can be extended to also encompass iOS if you need it :slight_smile:

Long story short: there are tons of things that can be supported in Fuse, but only a small number of which which we will provide built-in support for. That said, Firebase is one thing that the Fuse team is investigating for sure.

You are right, you can do almost everything with fuse, if you know how.
I think 95% of people here are absolutley begginers. And almost all of those people want to make money on thier apps.
They (including my self) trying to lern fuse, after work or after school, in free time. Not every user here is programing master. Your team shoult thing about it. If more people can make money on thier apps, more people will use fuse. If more people will use fuse, more mooney you can make.
Fuse is fantastic tool and i wish to be expert in it. It will be few years before i lern all this thinks like make my own packages.

Ps. Sorry for my english.
Ps2. Admob for android from your link is not working for me. I dont know why, maybe i did something wrong.

Ps3. Love you all :slight_smile:

We love you too. :slight_smile: While it’s great that Fuse attracts beginners (I maintain that it is one of the easiest frameworks for getting started with native apps), the simple truth remains: making apps is still hard, and it does still require good knowledge about a great many things.

While it is one of our goals to create abstractions for a lot of the things required for app development, it is not one of our goals to simplify all of them. The concept of third party functionality is indeed more or less solved by our Foreign Code features, but that doesn’t mean that all potential uses of it are solved. For that, there is the community and extra knowledge required – a model that is proven both effective and sustainable from other frameworks and engines, so we see no reason to change that.

I hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

I understand this, but i am suprise, that fuse team dont want to make complete solution to add ads in our apps. Without that, our apps are only a “fancy toys”.
It should be done in first place.
Personaly i think you will add it soon or later. Because everybody want to make money on thier apps :slight_smile:

This example of admob is not working, it dos’t show anything except red square.

Anyway, someday i try to make it my self and add it to comunity packages.
Thanks for your hard work :slight_smile: