Accessibility features supported?

My fuse app doesn’t seem to work with the text to speach accessibility features of Google TalkBack. Is there a way to add additional content information so that it can be read out by TalkBack to aid partially sighted users?

Hi Alex,

If you use <App Theme="Native">, fuse uses the real native controls, so it should in theory work with features like that. Let us know if you can’t get this to work.


Thanks Anders, I think that is the solution. I’ve been using the Basic theme up to now.

I’ve managed to have Google TalkBack read out some basic elements when using the Native theme, however it seems to be struggling with recognising Panels containing tapped events as being tappable for some reason

I’ll have a bit more of a play with it when I get some more time.

Many thanks,



Panels are usually transparent by default. Try giving them a background to make them tappable, or use HitTestMode="LocalVisual"