About gif image

Is it possible to show gif image? and how? Thanks!

You mean an aniamted gif? Currently; no.

Thank you for reply.

And is there any suggestion about the way to do busy/loading indicator?


We currently don’t provide a wrapper for the native loading indicators yet, but you can easily create one yourself:

<WhileTrue Value="{isLoading}">
    <Image ux:Name="img" File="busy.png" />
    <Spin Target="img" Frequency="1" />

Oh Error occured

E8001: ‘Spin’ doesn’t fit here. ‘Image’ does not have any content properties that accept ‘Spin’

I am using the latest version.

There, updated my post


the animated gif display is still not planned?


Currently we have no plans to add custom support for animated gifs. I recommend using a WebView if you need them.

For future reference I believe the Spin tag on the example above has been deprecated in favor of <Rotate Degrees="x" Duration="y" />