A few "is this possible" questions

Hey guys,

Lemme know if this isn’t the right place to post this. So I’ve convinced my boss at work to agree to a fusetools app for a new client project, but before we go ahead with it I wanted to make sure that they were even possible with fuse at this moment.

  • Typeahead search
  • Dropdowns (if not, I guess it could be a modal selection which I know is possible)
  • E-commerce (something like the amazon payments API)
  • Is fusetools stable enough to publish an app on the android/IOS app store? It looks like it but just wanted to be 100% sure

We’re looking to build a catalog site where users can use search filters to find items with a search results list and then to be able to view items. In phase two or three we’re wanting to add an e-commerce solution.


EDIT: Thanks for moving!

Hi there! Happy to hear about your plans. :slight_smile:

Typeahead search

For a client-side implementation I guess a filtered search, like the one described here, could be a good start.
If it’s for a very large online database then you might instead want to just transmit the search-string and top suggested results back’n’forth between the app and the backend.


Should be possible to build some quite easily using Selection.
Check out these examples: https://github.com/fusetools/fuse-samples/tree/master/Samples/Controls/Selection

E-commerce (something like the amazon payments API)

I don’t know the Amazon payments API specifically and I don’t think there’s any existing integration for it but:

  • It’s usually quite easy to integrate new services. Either by just using their REST APIs through JS / fetch(), or by integrating their native libs using foreign code
  • If you provide some more specifics on the exact features you’re looking for (some APIs might contain a lot of additional features that aren’t all that relevant), we can perhaps work out more details on the time & effort required to support it.

Is fusetools stable enough to publish an app on the android/IOS app store?

Definitely. :slight_smile: You’ll find some examples of released apps on Vinkla’s nice wiki: https://github.com/vinkla/awesome-fuse#applications

Thanks a lot man! Excited to get started on it :slight_smile: