Another language is not displayed with preview

Hi, I’m learning fuse now. I have 2 questions. First of all, I’ve tried to follow tutorials, now I’m developing my own app. However, Fuse preview doesn’t support Korean language. What should I do? Fortunately, it works if I change a preview target to iOS or android.

Second, I’m learning Fuse and also developing my own app. I developed an app but I’m gonna develop it and upload again with Fuse as a version 2.0. I need to develop ‘SNS login’, but I have no idea. Please let me know some tips. :slight_smile:

Currently preview support for CJK is not very good. I have read this should be improved soon with full support for all unicode characters. Check out for details and workaround:

Sample of SNS login:

Other samples can be found here:

@skezo Thanks for your help! :smiley: