Zoom and swipe around in Image


I am wondering, is it possible to Zoom in on an Image, and then drag it around with one finger (as in a Picture in the Facebook app)?

Best regards, Kristoffer

PanGesture works, but it requires 2 finger dragging rather than 1.

        <Image File="20160218_105811.jpg">
            <InteractiveTransform ux:Name="imgtransform"/>
            <PanGesture Target="imgtransform" />
            <ZoomGesture Target="imgtransform"  />

FYI: Ticket opened for a 1-finger pan gesture.

Tried that but little intuitiv for the users. Also tried putting the image in a ScrollView with Zomm, but no luck their either (scroll did not work since you only can scroll on edges). The solution we are trying out now is to zoom the image “finished” in code, have i Draggable, and then let users drag around in it.

Since it is a map, I think our last solution will be sufficient for now, but drag with one finger on Image after zoom would be a nice feature to add in the future.

But anyway, still the most awesome framework for app-development!

Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile: And yes, sounds like your suggested workaround can be good-enough here. Let us know if you run into anything else.!

Off course I will :wink:

Hello. Any updates on 1-Finger Drag?

Nothing new on that front as there’s still a lot of higher-priority features & issues to work on.

Hi, any news about 1-finger Pan? I put the image inside a WebView but it seems a little fake since I need a gallery like Facebook. Any ideas to achieve this?

I’m looking for the same feature - 1 finger panning. Is there any updates?
Thanks for the great tool by the way.

No, there are no updates on the feature still.