zean00's QR code reader - Fails on build

I’m in dire need for a QR code reader in my app and there seems to be just about one solution for this at the moment which is this one. However I find the README.md very meagre and does not explain in detail how all these files works together. Also worth mentioning I’m fairly new to fuse.

I’ve tried to download the whole thing as ZIP, open project in fuse and preview it on my Android tablet. This does not seem to work as there are build errors. I also tried to run the command listed under Installation->Build in README.md but it also results with build errors. Peeking at the project files there seems to be two diffrent .unoproj’s so I’m left wondering how I should test and use this. Am I just unlucky or is there anything I should know about the build and usage of these things?

I would suggest contacting the author via his Github page, which you linked to in your post. Perhaps it hasn’t been updated to work with never versions of Fuse.