Building QR reader failed with strange errors

Hi, i’am new to Fusetools and i realy love it, but when i want to build the fuse QR reader i have this error.

C:\Users\TOSHIBA\Documents\Fuse\fuse-qreader-master>fuse build -t=android -DGRADLE -r --set:SDK.BuildToolsVersion="23.0.3" --set:SDK.CompileVersion="23" --set:SDK.TargetVersion="23" QreaderLibrary.unoproj --debug 
Uno 0.42.3 (build 4084) Windows 10 x86 b51f27c 
Configuring (5.5 s) 
Compiling syntax tree (4.1 s) 
Generating code and data (51.3 s) 
Build completed in 61.45 seconds 
--- debug Opening Android Studio 
ERROR: Access to the path 'C:\Users\TOSHIBA\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programmes' is denied.

i know is not a Fuse compiler error, but please, i need a help. I have Android Studion installed on my PC and Fuse 0.31.0 (build 8955).


Hey Yannick,

This error looks like to come from Android Studio.

Best wishes!