Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Fatal bug issue. (js Math Method)

Fuse Version v0.36.1 (12010)
System version : Window7

I want to report a fatal bug in a Chinese cell phone.
When using the Math.round method in JavaScript, the application is terminated.
The same bug in Math.floor and Math.ceil.
There seems to be a problem with variable type conversion.
Please respond to the above bug.

Target Mobile : Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 (Intel Atom X5-Z8500)

Hi push8308,

could you please try running the application preview with fuse preview -tandroid and report if you get any errors thrown in console (Terminal) or Fuse Monitor?

A stack trace from the crash would help us understand what’s gone wrong on that exotic device.

This is a debug list created by running as a preview. The preview will also terminate the application.

Hi! Unfortunately we don’t support x86 (Intel) on Android at this time.

If you do not use the Math Method, it will work normally. There was a problem with type conversion when using Uno. It is solved by creating and using method directly.


could you please share the code for your solution for future reference?

The method I created does not work on other Chinese mobile phones. It seems to work only on the target device currently. It seems to be solved through calculation using JavaScript function.

thanks for your share