Where to see the ux list?

I’m looking for ux list to know how to use, but I couldn’t find it out. I want to know how ux:Generate, ux:Binding operate, and what they mean.

plz someone let me know where to get the ux list.

See the Fuse reference guide for definitions and specs. :slight_smile:

ux:Generate and Binding wasn’t there. :frowning: I thought it guessed I could see the Circle properties on the list, but I couldn’t. I think it’s not what I’m looking for… Thanks though! :slight_smile:


There is currently no documentation for these attributes, but generally you shouldn’t have to worry about them. I’ve added a ticket to get a section about them in the handbook.

I’ll give you a short explanation here:

ux:Binding: Normally, when you put elements inside a panel, they are bound to the Panel objects Children property (or whatever it considers its “Primary” property).

    <Rectangle />

If you for some reason want to explicitly bind the rectangle to some other property of the Panel, you could use ux:Binding=“SomeProperty”. There are just a couple cases in our samples where we do this though and not usually needed.


I think the only example you’ll find of this used explicitly is with PageIndicator. ux:Binding="Factory" means that the Uno-code generated from that UX will have a method for generating instances of itself.

When you put elements inside an Each, an implicit ux:Generate=“Factory” is “inserted”, so that the Each can create many instances of its content.

Thanks it helps! :smiley: