Where is a success mobile app developed by fuse tool?

I want to know about success mobile app developed by fuse tool such as angry bird. But I can not found it. Where can I found it?

I wish “Angry Birds” was developed with Fuse. :slight_smile: We are currently in closed beta, and while we at Fuse know of quite a few apps in development, we are not at a liberty to share those with the community. That’s something for the makers of the apps to do once they are released.

We encourage people to post about their apps when they are done, but we have no control over whether or not they do so here in the forum. We will keep an eye out though and let people in the community know.

Thank you for reply. I watched your opinion carefully.

I have an app that will be hopefully releasing before the 14. September. I highly doubt it will be very popular as it’s targeting a very very small amount of people (mainly for people working with statistics). But if you’re looking for an app that is a very simple example of what can be created in Fuse Tools, feel free to check it out.

The app will be 100% free, no advertisement or anything, as it’s a tool we want people to use to reduce the chance of false statistics being released in press and such.

I will make a post here on the forum once we have the release ready for download, so keep an eye out for that.

More information about the app: http://www.andersware.com/zigne/

That is really cool! (And I really like the subject matter & use case as well!)