When is a new release coming?

Hi Guys,

When are you guys planning to release a new version?

Just asking because I coudn’t continue working on my app due to some bugs in the current version.The last couple of weeks the new releases came like once a week or atleast it felt like that :wink:

I guess I’m just too exited about this project and can’t wait to get back on working on my app again.



Hi Pieter,

Happy to hear you’re exited about your Fuse project :slight_smile: We release new versions on a continous basis (often weekly even). It cooled down a bit over the holidays (for natural reasons), but we’re back up to speed now.

With regards to your issues, it’s a little tough to comment on them without knowing what they are, so I would recommend you ask in the troubleshooting section of the forum with your specific issues, so that someone can follow up on those :slight_smile:

Hi Bent,

Thank for your reply. I did report the bugs and most of them were picked up by the guys in your team. But the fixxes haven’t been released yet, so thats what I ment by cannot continue without bug fixxes.

There is however one bug or solution that no one answered… https://www.fusetools.com/community/forums/bug_reports/pushnotification_payload_data_missing_on_android

Ah yes, I suspect that particular issue hasn’t gotten any love in the last week because the key dev responsible for that exact thing has been away. He’ll be back within a few days and should be able to look at it then :slight_smile: