What is the size of the ndk-bundle

I have been trying to install the android sdk, but it has been taking much time to install the ndk-bundle which i suppose not to be more than 700mb, but it has been using up to more than a gb of my data subscription. I need someone to please tell me the actual size of the ndk-bundle and file structure of the Android sdk in the Fuse folder… I am currently using windows 8.1 and FuseStudio V1.4

The NDK bundle is about 722MB, and SDK could be roughly the same. I looked those numbers up in Android downloads, you can do that too.

Installing those definitely takes a lot of time (and bandwidth), so you should do it when you’re on an unrestricted and fast network.

May I ask how I can point the NDK to fuse so that it can compile?

Answer provided in another thread.

This is how the file structure of my ndk-bundle folder is, and yet it is not working… The size of the ndk-bundle folder is 2.30Gb