UX Expressions in a Text Value

Is there a way to use UX expressions in a text value alongside with strings of text?

<Text Value="My name is {name}"/> displays My name is {name}, instead of My name is John.

I know the path is correct, as the following works:
<Text Value="{name}" /> and prints out John.

Hi Matt,

please post a complete, minimal reproduction that contains both JavaScript and UX code, so we see exactly what you’re doing.

Hi Matt!

Does the error still happen if you rebuild your project (ctrl-shift-r / cmd-shift-r)?
After playing around with it a bit it seems to just happen sometimes, and might be because of some internal inconsistency in preview (meaning it shouldn’t happen when you build for the app store for example).

Hi Kristian! You are correct, looks like you have to do a full rebuild in order to get the wanted functionality. Live reload doesn’t work in this case. Might be something you guys take a look into! :slight_smile: Thanks for the help!

Thanks for confirming, Matt. In that case this is a known regression that we are aware of; it is being fixed and will be rolled out in a future release.

As Kristian noted, this should not affect the release builds of apps, just the preview.