Using Fuse ver 1.2.1 in MacOS always shows "too many open files"

Since updating Fuse Version 1.2.1 in MacOS, it always shows “too many open files”. The previous version 0.37.0 did not contain this problem.

When I use fusetools, I did not open other applications and only open sublime and fusetools.

Sometimes it even cannot open the unoprj. It is always needed to re-open the fusetools several times and type the command “uno clean” in terminal to solve the problem.

After I modified my unoprj and want to refresh to see the changes, it always shows “Too many opem files. Retrying in background until problem is resovled”.

Although i type “ulimit -n 2048” in terminal, the problem is still here. And i also have to re-open the fusetools serveral times to solve this problem.

Therefore, it is hoped that there will be some solution to solve this problem.

Thank you very much.

If you’re using other libraries inside of your project, that might be the problem. Specifically, if you have fuse_modules or node_modules folders in the project, you will want to add those to the "Excludes" section of your .unoproj file.