Typography issues

Hey guys,

I am working with a big type and the bounding box is totally out of control. Unfortunately our project is type heavy so this might mean that we have to look for an alternative tool.

Original design from Sketch

Fuse results


<Text ux:Class="Profile.Name" Font="BigType" TextWrapping="Wrap" LineSpacing="-24" TextColor="#FEFFFE" Height="140" Alignment="TopLeft" TextAlignment="Left" Width="92%" FontSize="62" />

Latest version of Fuse
OSX Sierra

Thanks for your help

Can you provide us with the font you are using? We can then investigate what is happening, as this is unexpected.

The font I am using is paid https://klim.co.nz/retail-fonts/founders-grotesk/ but it is having the same issue with other fonts which are the same size.

Actually I tested it more and seems like the issue is from the Type Foundry. I have no problems and sketch, photoshop, illustrator etc. but when the font goes into Xcode or AndroidStudio or Fuse it breaks. I reached out to the company that made it.