Trying to build for iOS

When trying to build for iOS on the terminal, it says I first have to use sudo, so I do. Then when I do, I get this error:

fuse: Daemon handshake failed: Request failed: (6) - Daemon key was not right, maybe because daemon possesses wrong local user.

Managed to fix that but when I build now I get this:

Uno 0.20.1-OSX (build 902)

(2,212.43 ms)

Parsing source code
(1,052.52 ms)

Compiling syntax tree
(2,676.72 ms)

Generating code and data
(9,138.24 ms)

Building native target

The following build commands failed:
    Check dependencies
(1 failure)
(unknown): E0000: Native build failed
(1,842.98 ms)

Build completed in 16.93 seconds.
    0 Warning(s)
    1 Error(s)

Error Summary

(unknown): E0000: Native build failed
FATAL ERROR: Build failed.

# Build complete.

open XCode by writing open .build/iOS-debug/*.xcodeproj/ and try to run it from XCode to see what error you get.

You should not have to use sudo to build with Fuse. Which message did you get telling you to do that?

Also, can you please build with -v to get more verbose output?

@knatten: You need sudo to approve the xcode license. I think this was the cause of that problem.

Yeah I’ve got past this now guys sorry about that. Haven’t much experience with Xcode so just getting used to working it.

Good to see you got it working Casey! :slight_smile:

I´m having the same problem. Could you share your solution @Casey?

Offwings, there are several problems listed in this thread, which exact one are you getting? If you’re getting the message about the wrong daemon key, please try fuse kill-all. If that doesn’t help, logging out and in of your account, or alternatively rebooting your computer should help.