Trigger JS function on SwipeGesture completion

Hello, i was wondering if it is possible to (as the title says) trigger a JavaScript function after you complete a SwipeGesture. Right now i have this code :

<SwipeGesture ux:Name="closeInfoPanelSwipe" Direction="Right" Type="Simple" Length="100" />
<SwipingAnimation Source="closeInfoPanelSwipe">
    <Change infoPanel.X="100%"/>
    <Callback Handler="{click}" Delay="0.3"/>

But this is not what i want to do. This code accepts a swipe to the right and that’s it. Instead i want to be able to swipe back and forth (using <Move ... /> ) and if the user swipes all the way to the right only then the {click} function to be triggered. To understand what i am trying to do i am trying to replicate somehow Facebook’s Instant Articles ( the animation and swipe ).

You probably want to use the Swiped trigger.

<Swiped Source="closeInfoPanelSwipe">
   <Callback Handler="{click}"/>

You can adjust in which direction it activates using the How parameter, such as How="ToInactive". The default is ToActive.

A gesture with Type="Simple" though only triggers on ToActive, since it doesn’t stay in the active state. If you want to keep the swipe gesture in the active state, thus allowing a reverse swipe, you need Type="Active" on the SwipeGesture itself.

okay thank you very much !! i will see it right away !