Toggle platform in local preview


I would like to suggest a feature that would allow Local Preview to set the target platform (iOS or Android) and only read what’s inside either platform specific tag (<iOS> or <Android>), therefore ignoring what’s inside the tags for the other platforms.

Use case: I use Fuse to quickly create Minimum Viable Prototypes for my employer’s software and to define UX behaviors, so I use Fuse to design for both platforms at once. However, Android OS uses side-drawer navigation and iOS uses tab bar, and I have to keep commenting the code for each platform on and off when I want to make quick changes during a meeting to emulate each platform’s layout and behavior. If Local Preview could toggle between iOS and Android “modes” designing apps locally would be much faster. It would also be great for Windows developers who can’t preview on an iOS device and would like to have a general idea of what the app works like.

By the way I don’t mean that Preview should show an Android or iOS theme, or try to render the native UI elements, just that it should ignore the platform specific code blocks according to which target you’d like to preview.


Great suggestion (actually it was the plan all along, but no one got around to fix it). I’ve added a ticket for this :slight_smile: