Timeline ProgressChanged event - what object does it pass?

I am trying the ProgressChanged event for Timeline. according to the docs, I get this in the callback:


However, that doesnt make sense to me.

I would like to get the Progress (or TargetProgress??) but i cant access it, whatever I try I get ‘undefined’

function progressChanged(x)
    		console.log("progressChanged1: " + x);
    		console.log(" progressChanged2: " + x.value);
    		console.log("  progressChanged3: " + x.Target);
    		console.log("   progressChanged4: " + x.TargetProgress);


LOG: progressChanged1: [object Object]
LOG:  progressChanged2: undefined
LOG:   progressChanged3: undefined
LOG:    progressChanged4: undefined

Sorry, need to bump it, as Im stuck on this…

I tried doing this:

    	function progressChanged(x)
			var str = JSON.stringify(x, null, 4); // (Optional) beautiful indented output.
			console.log(str); // Logs output to dev tools console.
    		timelineProgress.value = "1!";

but the only thing printed as json is “{}”, so, completely empty (I do get some "JavaScript call error ", but it doesnt hang the app).

So, question remains - how do I use the ProgressChanged event?

There’s a defect on some ValueChanged events that don’t send their value with the event. I’ll add an issue to fix this.

In the meantime your other thread addresses how to read the Timeline.PRogress with a binding. You can use on onValuechanged for now as a workaround. https://www.fusetools.com/community/forums/howto_discussions/accessing_ux_components_and_their_properties_in_js

onvaluechanged? How can I use that? I tried it on the Timeline, but that doesnt work:

'Timeline' does not have a property called 'onValuechanged'.

I tried with different caps, to no avail.

<Timeline Progress="{jsProgress}"> then in JS

exports.jsProgress =  Observable()
exports.jsProgress.onValueChanged( module, function(args) { ... }