TextWrapping does not affect parent content height

Fuse v0.30.0 (Build 8529)

Consider the following:

	<Grid Rows="1*,auto,1*" MaxWidth="400">
		<Panel />
		<StackPanel Color="#aaa" Padding="4">
			<Text Value="This is a message long-enough to hopefully trigger text wrap due to its long length and many words" TextWrapping="Wrap" />
			<Button Text="some button" Background="#aff" />
		<Panel />

With TextWrapping set to NoWrap, the StackPanel is sized correctly to contain both the Text and Button.

However, when TextWrapping is set to Wrap, the StackPanel is still sized identically to before, despite the Text now having increased height and pushing the Button down.

Shrinking the preview window further will cause the text to wrap over more lines, and push the button down further, however the StackPanel still retains the same height.

In the to-be-released version this appears to be working correctly. I fixed several things with Grid layout and I think your issue was one of them. Please test the upcoming release when available.

Ahh yep, it is indeed fixed now. Cheers!