Grid Layout and TextWrapping not playing nice with each other

I have a simple layout with card like elements and the text inside the cards gets out of bounds, as can be seen here:

Fuse version: 1.4.0 (build 14778)

OS: Windows 10

Code to reproduce it

<App Background="#DDD" >
		var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");
		var items = Observable();
		module.exports = {
			items: [
				{ "desc": "aaaaa aaaaaaa" },
				{ "desc": "bbbbbb" },
				{ "desc": "ccc ccc cccccccc cccccccccc cccc" },
				{ "desc": "dddddddddd" }
	<Grid ColumnCount="3" CellSpacing="10" Margin="10" Alignment="Top"  >
		<Each Items="{items}" Limit="4" >
			<StackPanel Padding="5" Color="#FFF" Alignment="Top"  >
				<Text Value="{desc}" Background="#faa" TextWrapping="Wrap" Opacity="0.8" />

Setting Limit="3" on Each fixes the card’s layout

Thank you for an excellent bug report and reproduction!

I’ve now logged a ticket about it, please follow the status there.