TextInput doesn't work

i have this code and i dont know why it doesnt let my textinput work properly. When i try add a text inside my text input it says the text function isnt supported.

   <App Background="#333">

Login Don’t have an account ? Register Now

<Grid ColumnData="1,1,1,1" Height="45" Dock="Bottom">
    <Image Padding="7" />
  <Panel Background="#34495e">
    <Image ux:Name="tabBarImage1" File="Assets/icon-hexagon.png" />
    <Clicked pages.Active="page1"/>
  <Panel Background="#3498db">
    <Image ux:Name="tabBarImage2" File="Assets/icon-star.png" />
    <Clicked pages.Active="page2"/>
  <Panel Background="#aa3377">
    <Image ux:Name="tabBarImage3" File="Assets/icon-square.png" />
    <Clicked pages.Active="page3"/>
  <Panel Background="#88cc22">
    <Image ux:Name="tabBarImage4" File="Assets/icon-triangle.png" />
    <Clicked pages.Active = "page4"/>

this is the code i am using.

Where are you trying to put the TextInput element? I don’t see it in the example you’ve posted.

<App Background="#333">
     <Page ux:Name="login" Background="#34495e">
          <Text Alignment="TopCenter" FontSize="55" TextColor="#FFFFFF"        Padding="100">Login</Text>
          <Text Alignment="Center" TextColor="#FFFFFF" Margin="0, 0, 133,         -300">Don't have an account ? </Text>
        <ButtonText TextColor="#3498db" Alignment="Center" Margin="0, 0,           -145, -300">
          Register Now
          <Scale Factor="1.04"/>

wont let me post the code it just turns out like this on top

Could you please post more of you UX-code? :slight_smile:

If you’re trying to create a button do this:

<Button Text="Register Now" TextColor="#3498db" Alignment="Center" Margin="0, 0, -145, -300">
     <Scale Factor="1.04"/>

We do have a known issue about putting tags inside text elements (like Text and ButtonText). But in your case I don’t think you need to do that.

@Kristian: when posting large chunks of code, you use standard MarkDown syntax: three backticks on the line before and after the code and it works fine :slight_smile: