textarea(slider inside + textwrap) equivalent in fuse

Hi i’m building a little chat app , and i’m wondering what is the equivalent of textarea in fuse , not just textinput but text input with text wrap that you can slide to go up and down etc , just like a normal message textarea. are we supposed to build it by our selves?


You can make this in fuse. Try <TextInput IsMultiline="true" TextWrapping="Wrap" />, this will give you a multiline TextInput with textwrapping.

In our upcoming release we have changed these APIs to be more consistent:

  • <TextInput /> will be singleline and support for example: password and callback on return
  • <TextView /> will be muiltiline and be what you want to use for displaying several lines or large amoutns of text

Let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

Many thanks, this is exactly what i have done i also added MaxHeight to control the input height, it works pretty well , very excited about fuse, keep up the good work guys